Maximising Potential


Mentoring is an extremely effective method, in terms of impact and cost, of sharing knowledge and expertise, enabling transfer of skills and ideas and opening up ceramics opportunities.

Through our Staffordshire mentoring programme mentoring opportunities are available to offer ceramics support to existing ceramics staff within the industry via the CSA or other support organisations, building relationships both within and between Staffordshire ceramics companies.

The CSA can provide shop floor and management mentors who will support industry and new ceramic start-up businesses by providing on-the-job ceramics mentoring. Ceramics advice and support can be provided through our unique inter-company mentoring programme where larger businesses will work directly with SMEs supporting key staff in their roles.

Work place mentoring is currently taking place in the ceramics industry in the following roles:


Work placements

Technical Director

Sustainability Manager

Assistant to technical and sustainability teams

Cell leaders

Chief Executive

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