Training Needs Analysis

Investment in training within the sector is key to addressing skills gaps and Staffordshire based training is integral to the process.

The CSA, working with it’s Ceramics Board and specialist providers, can offer an invaluable service to Staffordshire ceramics firms.  We are able to work with you to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for your company to help you identify training gaps.

We can then offer both ceramics development and ceramics support by identifying what training solutions are required to enable your organisation to meet it’s training and enterprise objectives.

This initiative for the Staffordshire workforce offers training and qualifications, to support ceramics staff and help them improve their career opportunities, and their existing skills and knowledge through work-based learning.

For more information on how a Training Needs Analysis can help you, please contact:


National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC)

UK NARIC is the National Agency responsible for providing information, advice and expert opinion on qualifications worldwide.

In conjunction with unionlearn, the Ceramic Skills Academy is able to offer a comparability service for employees who have been recruited from overseas. The National Academic Recognition Information Centre compares overseas qualifications against their UK equivalent. This service is available normally at a cost, at time of writing for £55.

Unionlearn has purchased licences to enable it’s Midlands support officers to offer a service for free, with the stipulation that it is provided as a guide for employers and educational establishments to determine the academic level of an employee. This is a service which has been used extensively in the East Midlands with migrant workers to enable them to progress and for employers to establish employees CV and credentials.

For more information on this contact the Ceramic Skills Academy team.